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Your Cordially Invited to

The Queens Ball

In Celebration of Faye’s 30th Birthday

Practical Information

What To Wear

Costumes or formal wear are not compulsory to attend my birthday, but I highly encourage everyone to dress up and rise to the occasion. After all, Her Majesty will expect no less from the diamond of the season!

Let’s just say, if you decide to wear jeans you may be more comfortable at Sears.

Memory Book (& gifts)

Will you help create Faye’s memory book? Instead of gifts, I’d love if you contribute to creating a memory book instead!

What is it? 

A Book! The Memory book is a collection of pictures, notes, and well-wishes from friends and family. I’d love if you shared a picture of you, us, a happy birthday message, or kind note to be include in the book. 

What do I need to do? 

In order to receive the book, the minimum gift amount must be $25. Regardless of whether you’d like to send a monetary gift or not, I’d still love if you submitted a Happy Birthday message or note via the form.  

It’s really easy! There’ sa couple ways you can do it.

  1. Create a canva design from this template and send it over via the form below.
  2. Write a handwritten note, snap a picture via your phone, and send it to me through the form below!

Complete this form.


What else do I need to know?

Only share what you’re comfortable being public! I will not read the messages until after my birthday. Someone will review each entry. If there’s anything shared that is inappropriate, it may not be included in the memory book. So keep it cute!

I'll Be Attending!

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