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How to set up your professional email


Are you running your business from a gmail account? (Or yahoo, or hotmail, etc.)

Switch it up and set up your professional email!

I promise it is pretty straightforward.

  1. Buy your domain name
    1. Navigate to
    2. Type in the domain you want ( or and search to see if it’s taken or not.
    3. if it’s available, add to cart and purchase!

I personally like namecheap because you seem to get the most bang for your buck here. I also like how it integrates with other tools.

2. Set up your email with google (ahh two separate providers? I know but it’s a straightforward set up.)

Here’s how it works:

  1. First register an account and go follow the instructions in Google Workspace
  2. Next, you need to confirm that you actually own the domain. This part looks confusing but it’s not! Google provides really detailed instructions on what you need to update.
  3. Last you need to update your DNS again with new ‘mx’ records that Google provides. Once complete you should be all set.

And in case that’s not helpful enough, I did a horrible job trying to record myself walking through the process…. TWICE. Take a look at these if you need help.


Was this helpful? Let me know! I go into this AND MORE in my new course! I want to help you further professionalize your business so that the people looking for you can easily find you.

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