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For startup founders and disruptors who are ready to bring fresh ideas to market.

Your concept has the ability to transform lives. 

I can help you get there.

Let me tell you a short story about how I went from failed startup founder to CEO of Hayes & Co. 

5 years ago, I was so frustrated in my startup because we couldn’t seem to gain traction with such an impactful product. 

I had tried to attend relevant conferences to get in front of our target customer. 

I tried content marketing to teach people how impactful the product was. 

I even tried giving away the product away for free to get more folks to try it! 

At that point I was at my wits end! It just wasn’t working. 

After a while, I left the startup.

Since then, I’ve gained an incredible amount of insight as to WHY the product wasn’t gaining traction. I learned (the hard way) that if you build it, they will not come. There’s much more behind the scenes product development that must take priority at such an early stage.

This insight is what I have to offer you. I will not just build something. Rather, I am a strategic partner for you and your startup! Together, we map out what are the key components of your minimum viable product (MVP), get clear on your brand and messaging, and then my team will build the product. Once the product is complete, you’ll have support from us for 2 months. 

As startup founders, we can't afford to be slow.

The ability to quickly test our ideas can make or break our business. 

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