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Sometimes you can’t really beat having a conversation. Let’s talk:

Here’s a link to a really helpful article:


I use Dubsado for my backend workflows. While the tool can be a bit difficult to get used to, once you get into flow – it is a gamechanger! I send proposals, handle invoicing, contracts, and more through Dubsado. My favorite think about Dubsado is the ability to set up workflows and automations. Check them out: Dubsado 

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If you’re interested in a new field but unsure if it’s worth it to pursue – find someone doing the thing you want to do and ask for an informational interview. The worst they can do is say no (most won’t). Be sure to prepare for the informational interview in advance. This is your chance to get the insider knowledge on the industry, role, or technology that you’re interested in. So make the most of your time together by reading up on the person you’re talking to, come up with specific questions, and create an agenda that you can follow during the meeting to ensure you don’t miss anything.

 Here was an interesting article with tips on doing so:


Sometimes you can’t really beat having a conversation. Let’s talk:

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