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Fractional CTO

Ready to build and follow a cohesive technical strategy for your business?  I’m here to help grow your business with people, process, and technology.

The hardest part about being a Founder or Entrepreneur is knowing in your gut that you need a strategic technical direction and custom software but having no idea where to start.

You’re probably using a multitude of low/no-code tools like zapier, bubble, etc.

You’re probably manually supporting your customers

You need a soundboard with technical strategy + decision-making…

Do you try and try to do the best that you can with what you have but aren’t quite moving the needle?

Are you just tired of feeling lost when it comes to technology? 

What if I told you there's another way?

Imagine a world where...

you have A technical Team at your fingertips.

Clear Product roadmap

Know the technical direction for your company over the next year. This living document will be the source of truth for all future initiatives!

Software Engineering Support

You have a dedicated team of software engineers ready to support you. We develop and maintain web applications. In addition, we help define your MVP (minimum viable product) too!

Optimize Processes

The time of doing everything manually is OVER. We will work with you to review, define, and optimize key processes. 

Technical Strategy

Outline key business initiatives and financial goals. We’ll find ways to leverage technology to get there.

Technical Recommendations

Considering using a new software? Trying to decide whether to build or buy? We will help you make an informed decision.

Priority Support

Email your technical team for support AND RESPONSE within 48 hours.

Ready to work with your Fractional CTO and technical team?

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